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Show / Hide Polygons

To hide or show polygons in a mesh, you can use the following methods:

  1. Selective Hide/Show:
    • Hold Ctrl + Shift and drag to create a green box around the polygons you want to keep visible.
    • The polygons inside the box will remain visible, while the rest will be hidden.
    • Alternatively, release Ctrl + Shift while dragging and press Alt to create a red box, which will have the opposite effect—hiding the polygons inside it.
    • To display all polygons, simply drag a box around the entire mesh without selecting any polygons.
  2. Hide Others:
    • Hold Ctrl + Shift and click on top of a specific mesh or polygon.
    • This action will hide all other meshes or polygons in the scene, making the selected one the only visible element.

These methods provide quick ways to selectively hide or show specific polygons or entire meshes, allowing you to focus on specific areas of interest during your workflow.

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