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Adding a Sculpt Node

  1. After loading a Mesh on the scene, you may want to disconnect the connection between the Mesh and the Draw Node. To do this, hold the Control key and drag over the connection between the nodes.
  2. Press Tab to open the node list and select the “Sculpt” node.
  3. Connect the nodes as follows:
    • Connect the “outMesh” of your Import Node to the “inMesh” of your Sculpt Node.
    • Connect the “outMesh” of the Sculpt Node to the “inMesh” of the Draw Node.
  4. With the Sculpt Node selected, navigate to the Attribute Editor. You should find a section where you can add sculpt layers.

By following these steps, you can add a Sculpt Node to your node graph and establish the necessary connections to enable sculpting capabilities.

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