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The Cloning brush is a powerful tool that allows you to transfer surface details from one mesh to another. It differs from a morph target brush as it can clone surface areas of meshes that are positioned differently in space. This makes it ideal for creating new characters by morphing different ones together.

To access different cloning modes, navigate to the Tool Settings tab. Here are the available modes:

  1. Bind Points Mode:
    • This mode clones details from the bind pose state of the mesh.
    • It is useful for cleaning up undesired deformations or restoring the original shape.
  2. Shape Browser Mode:
    • In this mode, details are cloned from a selected mesh in the Shape Browser tab.
    • It is effective for copying character features from different characters and incorporating them into your current mesh.
  3. Blend Shape Mode:
    • This mode clones details from the source mesh connected to the blend shape node.
    • It is particularly useful when working with 4D caches and can help fix areas where the transfer has failed.

By utilizing the appropriate cloning mode from the Tool Settings tab, you can seamlessly transfer surface details between meshes and achieve the desired effects in your sculpting process.

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