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Choosing a Blend Mode

  1. Auto Blend “None”:
    • This mode requires manual creation of keyframes on the timeline to blend your sculpted layers.
    • To create keyframes on the timeline, select the sculpt layer you want to add keyframes to.
    • Shift-click on the timeline to add keyframes.
    • Hold Control to delete keyframes.
    • Click and drag to move keyframes.
  2. Auto Blend “Skeletal”:
    • This mode is designed for imported FBX skeletal files that contain 3D meshes animated by bones.
  3. Auto Blend “4D Cache”:
    • This mode is specifically for facial 4D caches, which are also Alembic caches.
    • For the 4D cache auto-blending mode to work on the imported face, the face should have UVs similar to the provided “uv mesh.”
    • You can locate the uv mesh inside the “Samples” folder.
    • To transfer the UVs from the uv mesh to your face model, you can use external 3D software like Autodesk Maya, Blender, or WrapX.

By understanding and utilizing the appropriate Auto Blend mode for your specific needs, you can effectively control how the sculpted frames blend into the animation.

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